High Level Design

Low level design of regulator circuit with battery indicator:

This circuit diagram was designed using PSpice software.

This circuit board layout was designed using Layout Plus software.

Future Design Considerations

Considering this product was essentially an exercise, and not actually for sale, a lot of changes would be made to make it marketable. One of the first major changes is implementing our new solar panel storage area on the battery itself. This part of the battery would hold the folded solar panel, so that the product could be stored in one compact piece. 3D models of this design have been created, but since we lack an actual manufacturing plant, we cannot actually form the re-quired pieces. We would also create our own logo and sticker design for the faceplate of the battery, which would be used for aesthetic reasons. Overall re-working of the circuit would also probably occur, and possible alterations could be done once extensive public testing was done.

One of the first tasks we would actually perform if we were going to send this product out onto the market, would be building the facilities and business end of our company. We would need manufacturing areas and employees to mass produce our product, and a great deal of invest-ment funding to get off the ground.

3D Model of Future Design