Nick Kuhn

Application Architect / CEO

Los Angeles, California

B.S. Electrical Engineering - Resume - Zend PHP 5 Certification


Over my career I have worked in nearly every sector of the economy, building websites that range from selling Hollywood costumes, to corporate social responsibility platforms connecting employees and allowing them to engage in nonprofit work. From my experience and performance I quickly climbed the ranks and became the CTO of an online gaming company with thousands of players per day. I have worn every hat, I have built every kind of site, I have solved countless problems.. and I'm just getting started.

Recently I have focused mainly on the Drupal CMS framework, working on various custom Drupal installations. My work has ranged from large multinational corporations to small non profit organizations. I have written numerous custom modules, as well as many custom Drupal themes; I have even contributed code back to I see Drupal more as a framework than a CMS, since much of my current work has been centered around designing full featured platforms resembling enterprise Java/.NET solutions. I think the ease of use (PHP) and exceptional code maturity (Drupal) combine to create a very exciting code base. My greatest strength is my knack for breaking down a problem and finding the most efficient solution, a skill attributed to my education as an Electrical Engineer.

If you need quickly built, quality websites, then you have come to the right place. Unlike most developers, I strive to not only increase my general quality, but also my efficiency. Real world deadlines trump all else, a fact that they don't teach in school, but a lesson I have learned throughout the years.

Check out my portfolio for a list of websites that I have worked on. Here are some recent code samples (more).


  • Zend PHP 5 Certified + Zend Framework
  • MySQL
  • XHTML / HTML5 / 508 Compliance
  • CSS / CSS3 / SASS / Responsive / Adaptive / IE6 + Cross Browser Compliance / 960gs + Blueprint + Twitter Bootstrap Frameworks
  • XML / RSS / Atom Feeds
  • GIT / SVN
  • JavaScript / AJAX / jQuery / CAKE.js Canvas Animations
  • Windows / Mac OSX (developed professionally on both)
  • Node.js, Backbone.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, Underscore.js, Jade Template Engine (installed as a hobby - no enterprise / professional experience)
  • PERL, C++, Java (learned in school, no professional experience but core understanding)
  • MailChimp Custom Email Templates
  • Drupal 5, 6, 7, 8 / Tycoon / CTools / Ubercart / Views / Rules / GMap / @font-your-face / CCK / Features / Deploy / Services / Panels / Context / Apache SOLR
  • Zend Framework, Centurion CMS
  • Joomla!, WordPress, OmniUpdate, OSCommerce, PHPFox, PHPBB2, Gallery2, CodeIgniter
  • Action Script (AS3) / Flash Advertisement Debugging / AdJuggler Integration / SWiSH
  • Design Products - Adobe Edge, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flex3, ect.
  • Engineering and Modeling Products - 3DSMax, Blender, PSpice, MATLAB, Autocad
  • Project Management Software - JIRA, Redmine, Unfuddle, RallyDev
  • Other Online Services: AWS, Sauce Labs, ONESite, Contactology, MailChimp, Adjuggler. SoundCloud, Chartbeat, YouTube, Brightcove, Verve, DNS Made Easy, FlipDocs, New Relic, RightScale, Linode, 1and1, Hostmonster, GoDaddy

Drupal Specific Skills

  • Expert Level Theming (IE6 compatible / 960gs sub-theming / high speed + efficiency)
  • Internationalization
  • Drupal Best Practices (module development, installation, theory)
  • Apache SOLR Integration (Server configuration, module setup, custom faceting / features)
  • Performance (caching / theming optimization)
  • Expert Level Views / Panels / Features
  • Services / Rest Server
  • SimpleTest / Coder / Devel
  • Experience Installing / Configuring / Extending 100+ Contributed Modules
  • Extensive experience with Acquia hosting

System Administration / DevOps Specific Skills

  • Docker / Docker Compose Docker Connect
  • Amazon Web Services
  • High Performance / Availability Clusters
  • UNIX / Ubuntu / CentOS / FreeBSD - Varnish / Memcache / APC / Apache / nginx / PHP-FPM / postfix / rsync / Shell Scripting / cron / Tomcat / ApacheSOLR
  • Vagrant + Virtual Machine + Puppet / Chef + Fabric
  • Advanced Jenkins deployment servers

Director / Project Management Experience

  • Worked with, and have actually installed / configured over 20 PM software suites (JIRA, Unfuddle, Redmine)
  • Extensive experience with Agile SDLC, Sprint Grooming / Planning Meetings, Sprint Ceremonies etc
  • Provided cost and hourly estimates, developed efficient group work strategies
  • Wrote site and development documentation for corporate level website
  • Created specs for new features and functionality
  • Provided technical strategies to improve performance, draw traffic, retain traffic, and streamline workflow / deployment
  • Reduced overall project cost with simpler yet equally effective methods (strong knowledge of contrib module base)
  • Developed unique development strategies combining experience from both private and public sectors
  • Worked under high pace / high traffic websites that require 24/7 support