By far the most damaged code base I have ever worked with. In under 1 month after inheriting the website, as the TheWraps new technical director, I single-handedly rewrote several of the core modules, dramatically increasing the stability and performance of the website. As with many websites that are handed off from one contractor to another, without following any kind of coding standards, the website was truly a mess. The advertisement system was entirely hard coded, and non reusable. I developed a flexible and expandable advertisement system, and a sub module to integrate AdJuggler advertisements. I migrated the server infrastructure from one that was essentially nothing more than Apache / MySQL sitting on the same box without any caching systems, to a dedicated database server and a main server with reverse proxy caching (Varnish) and Memcache installed. In addition I set up the company's first deployment strategy that integrated Unfuddle (project management), GIT (version control), Jenkins (deployment software) and a dev / staging server.